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The chickens went off the lay for a bit. I couldn’t blame them. With some of the winter weather we’ve had I was wanting to conserve my energy also. I turned the soil in the chook pen with a pitch-fork … Continue reading

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Moments of Awareness

  Hints of Spring are everywhere. In the early morning I could hear a Shining Bronze Cuckoo down in the valley. Caroling magpies are louder and there is an endearing quality about their song. They have started calling later into … Continue reading

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Preparation of the Site

  Today we spent more time over at the site remedying the water run-off situation which after the rain yesterday afternoon – it was pretty apparent we needed to do better! So of course we did. It is after all … Continue reading

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Winters End

  Today was a return of more of the rain that visited mid-week. It was not too heavy during the morning which gave me a chance to clean out the rabbit hutches and then we got started on shifting rocks … Continue reading

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New Adventures in Poop Scooping

Last Sunday I was up early to get out and get some horse manure. I had been offered the unique opportunity to pick up horse manure from a friends horse paddocks.  I turned up with some old stock feed bags, … Continue reading

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Rainwater Storage

Today was marked by the arrival of the two 23 000 litre rainwater tanks. (6075 gallons) I had figured in my head that we would be able to man-handle them down onto the pad when they arrived from the top … Continue reading

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Winds Of Change

    Despite the overcast weather and the odd shower of rain, the breeze is warm and hints of a coming Spring. Over the weekend I caught the scent on the breeze that is unmistakably the perfume of an approaching … Continue reading

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