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Christmas 2017 – Petit Paradis

Australian Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda Merry Christmas to all our readers. For those in the North, stay warm and enjoy your friends and family time. To those in the South, happy summer holidays! See you all in the New Year!

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Petit Paradis in Collage

The Eighth instalment of our annual bit of artwork tracking the Two Little Fellas. This year, on a whim, our youngest Little Fella takes the stage given that he’s played smaller roles in previous pictures and I loved how he … Continue reading

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Ultimately we need to recognise that while humans continue to build urban landscapes, we share these spaces with other species.                                         … Continue reading

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Summer Sunflowers

The new garden is struggling at the moment. Bouts of hot weather and wind interspersed with showers of miniscule rain. In between other duties I have chopped and dropped some of the fat hen and other ‘weeds’ to mulch around … Continue reading

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Time Out

We drove out to our friends farm today. We were hoping to pick up an A-Frame chicken coop but we never did. It was way too big and wide for the trailer and was in disrepair. Unfortunately, the time needed … Continue reading

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Poulet Poulet

Isn’t she lovely? Our little chick chooks are growing up fast and their typical Barnevelder plumage is just starting to creep in. They will be beside themselves when we move them to the new garden. These little ladies will have … Continue reading

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Down Under Christmas Treats

What do you get when you make a gingerbread man person DownUnder? Upside Down little folk that you can Mr Squiggle into Christmas Reindeer! Mrs PP used this gluten free recipe from Evolving Table to put together these biscuits for … Continue reading

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