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Petit Paradis – Soup de Jour – Miso

Well, I guess there are a hundred different versions of miso. This one was made from a stock of vegetable scraps and some bones from dinner. Carrots and celery chopped finely. Perhaps the last of the celery that we will … Continue reading

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The Last of March

The rains have come and I am grateful. Mostly because the days are sunny and delightfully warm and those overnight showers or early morning drops are ideal for the young seedlings and newly planted trees. I have also been re-potting … Continue reading

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A Matter of Distance & Why it Matters

As told in a previous post, we are now home schooling our boys. So when I’m tasked to teach about distance and measurement I take the opportunity to make it real. I have been designing and building our chicken yard … Continue reading

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Lessons from Our First Week of Home Schooling

Gran – despite her robust diet of packaged meals, meat pies, toast & jam, dry biscuits and Promite, fizzy drinks, milk chocolates and prescription medicine – still has a fairly tenuous grip on life. Especially after her near dead experience … Continue reading

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Petit Paradis – Soup de jour – Spicy Pumpkin Soup

It’s 4:30 am and I am awake. Rested, but awake. Gran is mumbling to herself in her darkened room. She watched television until late last night. Why else would you mumble in your sleep? Have you seen what’s on TV … Continue reading

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A Chat Over the Fence

Sometimes, when time permits, I get to have a bit of a chat with our neighbour. Sadly I am often too pressed for time to get a job done and cannot really settle into a good, decent conversation. Today for … Continue reading

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Gran’s Overnight Palm Garden

Gran went on an outing today. As Mrs PP chauffeured Gran through the countryside, Gran spied some palm trees. “Palms. I hate palms.” Gran hissed. “OK.” said Mrs PP. “Why don’t you like palms?” “They’re prickly. And you’ve gone and … Continue reading

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