A Thursday with Gran (BEFORE School starts back.)

A warning dear reader. This is something of a therapy session for me, writing this. It is more for the sake of someday looking back and pondering on the madness of it all. Or just not at all. Regards, Mr PP. ----o---- About mid November last year, Gran's bowels became problematic for us all as … Continue reading A Thursday with Gran (BEFORE School starts back.)

Gran and the Forbidden Favourites

In making a marked exit from plastic this Christmas, Mrs PP has finally pulled out the Forbidden Favourites move. We've talked about this before between us, but this year we are doing it. And there are a couple of things precluding it. Firstly, we are aiming to give the Little Fellas experiences over more plastic … Continue reading Gran and the Forbidden Favourites

Lockdown at le Petit Paradis

Lockdown. I really dislike that term. A great deal. I have much disdain for it. I am mindful of the words we use to paint our world. This is also not so much of a Lockdown as a very inconvenient thing. I've witnessed proper Lockdowns. The home schooling here continues. And guess what? It's now … Continue reading Lockdown at le Petit Paradis

Ramblings from a Self-Confessed Recluse

At the very best of times, I am a self-confessed recluse. When Mrs PP asked me what are some of the things I miss after being 'in Lockdown', I could truthfully answer with "Not much." But here's the background story to that brief answer. Over the years since our Little Fellas have been around I … Continue reading Ramblings from a Self-Confessed Recluse