Less More & More Less

When the morning nurse came to visit she stopped by the kitchen on her way out. "I use to visit this house years back. " she reflected. "There was an old couple I used to come and check on. The house has changed quite a lot though." "That would have been Gran and Pa Prof. … Continue reading Less More & More Less

The Sauerkraut & The Kettlebell

Cabbages were in good supply at the beginning of the month so I took the opportunity to refine my sauerkraut making ability with the aid of my kettle bell which worked very well. This extra weight really did put pressure on the cabbage and allowed for a good amount of liquid to cover the ingredients … Continue reading The Sauerkraut & The Kettlebell

Peter’s Chicken Pieces & Soil Conditioning

The sorting of Stuff continues. . . It is amazing what you find when looking through family 'treasures'. This cardboard box back was found in amongst some of Gran's books and photos. Though Peters is known for its ice-creams, clearly at some point they also provided the convenience of chicken pieces to the busy house-wife … Continue reading Peter’s Chicken Pieces & Soil Conditioning

Gran Re-Booted (& Magpie Mimicry)

At the start of November, Gran took ill. Really ill. My wife made phone calls to nursing staff and after no change in Grans condition, an ambulance. Much to the entertainment of the Little Fellas, it took four ambulance volunteers to get Gran sorted and out of the house safely in the cool of evening. … Continue reading Gran Re-Booted (& Magpie Mimicry)

A Return

This post is my first since the 23rd of April post. Any posts in between have been added in order to catch up with records. The day after that last post I injured my ankle and I have to say, I took the opportunity to visit several things. That I had clearly superseded previous warnings … Continue reading A Return