Gran and the Forbidden Favourites

In making a marked exit from plastic this Christmas, Mrs PP has finally pulled out the Forbidden Favourites move.

We’ve talked about this before between us, but this year we are doing it. And there are a couple of things precluding it. Firstly, we are aiming to give the Little Fellas experiences over more plastic toys and LEGO. They buy their own plastic at the moment with their pocket money. That is a work in progress, making them aware of their choices.

Secondly, we endeavor to keep a tight ship on what goes into their bodies from the kitchen table, so this is a loosening off for a bit.

Thirdly, I’ve been even harder on the poor food choices soap box recently as I’ve been researching more and more into diabetes, insulin, exercise and in particular carbohydrates. More on this below.

The concept behind the Forbidden Favourites – and what I like about it – is that it uses strategy instead of control. Our boys have a general idea of what is a healthy food option as opposed to “pretty much anything that Gran eats”. I like the idea of this being a little more strategic and controlled to be honest. The Little Fellas are aware of healthy and not healthy foods – but according to the biases of their Mum & Dad. And probably more so Dad, because I shudder and openly comment about what I see and what I think of it. Boy, you should hear the commentary I give around Gran and her diet choices.

So, Mrs PP has been buying up ‘treats’ that we ourselves enjoyed as kids – and with frightening regularity I would suggest when I reflect on it. These will be part of their Christmas gifts so that they can indulge a little on the naughty side. It is strategic because instead of a zero tolerance approach to treats they get to experience them and can share this with their friends when they are discussed as a part of normal life. For us, it isn’t normal, which is why a lot of regular kids food are on the list and easily accessible!

For the Little Fellas our regular restriction is not for weight control so much as it is for general health, well being and development. But in denying stuff altogether, I don’t think that creates a balanced appreciation of food. Whatever type of food or food-like option it is.

I must digress for a brief moment and give an update on Gran.

Gran turned 79 this year. It was marked by a simple birthday cake and a cup of tea. Perhaps more significantly, shortly after her birthday Gran started on insulin injections.

Unfortunately, Gran can’t even administer the injections herself, so that is now down to Mrs PP and a couple of community nurses. So now, on a regular morning, Gran (having slept through the chaos that is the morning time with the two Little Fellas . . .) is gently awoken by the soft voice of a nurse who then patiently waits for blood to appear once Gran’s finger has been punctured. Gran’s blood sugars are tested and then an insulin needle administered to her abdomen. Somewhere behind all that belly business is Grans pie from the previous nights dinner. The bread, the pasta, the sweets she manages to smuggle into the house on her forays into the wide world with the community carers. We recently spent a night away from the house and Gran’s blood sugar (as recorded by the nurse) indicated Gran was more than a little bit naughty during our absence.

This routine did not happen today. Not with any regularity.

Gran’s nurse didn’t show until 10:15 this morning to give her insulin. Gran had actually got up, showered and was complaining that she was starving.

Not just once. That complaining. Much of it.


I made phone calls.

Finally, once injected, Gran polished off her sweetened white coffee, two slices of toast with jam and peanut butter, plus a slice of toast with a fried egg on top.

I have to say, food is a very distorted concept to me at the moment. Yesterday I finished a forty hour fast. Water only. Forty hours. I felt great.

Yet, Gran forgets to sleep in and she’s starving. As I said, food is a peculiar concept to me at the moment.

So anyway, here’s to a rotund, insulin resistant, jolly fellow rocking up in a few weeks and chucking a few pressies of Forbidden Favourites under the mock tree. I will be sure to do an update as to how it all unfolds and what made the Forbidden Favourites List.

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