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A stitch in time saves nine.
Waste not, want not.

The Last of March

The rains have come and I am grateful. Mostly because the days are sunny and delightfully warm and those overnight showers or early morning drops are ideal for the young seedlings and newly planted trees. I have also been re-potting … Continue reading

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Home Shopping

  The days are blurring together. But this is the kind of stuff I’ve been up to. Friday morning was the beach walk with the family. It was refreshing, relaxing and resulted in a catch of one dead seagull, two … Continue reading

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Lessons from Our First Week of Home Schooling

Gran – despite her robust diet of packaged meals, meat pies, toast & jam, dry biscuits and Promite, fizzy drinks, milk chocolates and prescription medicine – still has a fairly tenuous grip on life. Especially after her near dead experience … Continue reading

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The Wall, The Soil & The Beans

Today, I had the luxury of getting outside early. Though ten minutes into my day I was already sweating as I carted buckets of sand up the slope to where I am starting the very top swale. It is hard … Continue reading

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Petit Paradis – Soup du jour – Cream of Vegetable

I was preparing sauerkraut late at night in the kitchen. I had some of the nice outer leaves of green, crispy cabbages from the Farmer’s Market and a few other bits and pieces that I really thought would do better … Continue reading

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