Less More & More Less

When the morning nurse came to visit she stopped by the kitchen on her way out. "I use to visit this house years back. " she reflected. "There was an old couple I used to come and check on. The house has changed quite a lot though." "That would have been Gran and Pa Prof. … Continue reading Less More & More Less

Green Keeping

I have been known to clean up the local park of fallen branches, palm fronds and tree limbs. These get mulched and put into the garden. Sometimes I have assistance in the matter. Sometimes I go on alone. I figure it saves the council workers from having to do it before they mow the grass … Continue reading Green Keeping

Peter’s Chicken Pieces & Soil Conditioning

The sorting of Stuff continues. . . It is amazing what you find when looking through family 'treasures'. This cardboard box back was found in amongst some of Gran's books and photos. Though Peters is known for its ice-creams, clearly at some point they also provided the convenience of chicken pieces to the busy house-wife … Continue reading Peter’s Chicken Pieces & Soil Conditioning

Revisiting Phases of Abundance

We are now in year two of what Bill Mollison describes as Phases of Abundance. As it happens, this seems to be quite a naturally occurring process in the evolution of our garden, rather than a step by step following of Uncle Bill's guidelines. There is of course an inherent kind of logic to it … Continue reading Revisiting Phases of Abundance

In Reverence of The Rusty Nail

I have busied myself with carpentry projects around the house. Not that I need to really busy myself, but that the aspiration to learn to put things together in more of a coherent and concrete sense than I have managed to do in the past, has been a little stronger. I have completed a cubby … Continue reading In Reverence of The Rusty Nail