This is our little paradise.

It was created by design using permaculture principles. We may not be able to control multi-national corporations or quickly change government legislation or opinion, but we can create a better place in our own backyard, home and community.

Our philosophy is that if everyone does their own little bit wherever they are, with whatever they have, then change will inevitably take place in a world where beneficial, effective change is required. It starts from the ground up. Literally. And also from those joining us in similar ventures by doing what they can and inspiring others.

The context within which we base our families journey can be found within the concepts of Peak Oil, its perceived decline, and Food Security. Working with what we have and a vision of where we wish to go, we proceed, in action. Rather than speculate on whether either of these concepts are viable or ‘real’, we work on the agenda that if what we do is benefiting the Earth, us and our community, then regardless of what pans out as future scenarios, we aim to be existing in a better world with increased capacity for resilience. Debate and discussion need to yield to planned action and win-win results.

It remains a perpetual journey as our family grows and we learn from our experiences and our community. Our model is based on the concept of Retrofitting the Suburbs.

More information about the phases of our journey can be found here:

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