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Use small and slow solutions.
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Gran and the Forbidden Favourites

In making a marked exit from plastic this Christmas, Mrs PP has finally pulled out the Forbidden Favourites move. We’ve talked about this before between us, but this year we are doing it. And there are a couple of things … Continue reading

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Some luck in the garden today. I have been looking into worm farming as a way of composting larger amounts of garden waste material and kitchen scraps and creating the worm castings that are so valuable to the garden. I’ve … Continue reading

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Last Monday the back of the house was inundated with hoverflies. I have never seen hoverflies in such prolific, swarming abundance. They were coming in under the verandah and getting caught up in spider webs. Throughout the week they have … Continue reading

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Chicken Yard Progress, kind of. . .

At present, whatever way I look at the garden, it’s all hinging on the chook yard. I appear to have worked myself into a ‘corner’. I think it’s a good corner, but a bit annoying nonetheless. I can only hope … Continue reading

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Gardens of the Mind

This garden reminds me of an English Garden I once knew. It was a walled Victorian garden near Stonehenge, UK. I arrived at the height of summer and would pick sweet pea flowers for the hotel restaurant. To this day … Continue reading

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