Tagasaste from Seed – Update 2021

There are a number of things in the backyard garden that give me joy. The Tagasaste and Wattles are current favorites.

Although, there’s also the dahlias, the healthy crop of bean plants winding their way up the trellis and the very contented call of Bullfrog in the summer evening. It’s almost like a gentle, froggy, purr.

However, yes, the tagasaste frequently deliver a healthy dose of joy just by being there as an ever present reminder of their ability to shelter the garden and keep the birds, the bees and a multitude of other insects busy, provided for and protected.

Top Image trees were about 6 feet high. Currently at around 14 feet high.

Aside from the presence of these trees now creating a very different and welcoming feel to the garden, there is also the joy from having watched these trees grow from seed and then in a very quick time, transform the appearance of the swale gardens. This particular year alone they have more than doubled in height and had an abundance of flowers during the winter which benefited the bees. During spring and summer they are frequented by Twenty-eight Parrots, Western Rosellas and Red-capped Parrots, all of which like to eat the seeds from the pods and I suspect some of the tender leaves from the tips of the branches.

With exceptional rainfall right throughout the year, both lots of tagasaste probably also benefited from the extra water in the swales as the overflow from the rain tanks emptied into them.

Further Information : The Tagasaste Journey Started here.

Successful Tagasaste Seed Germination

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