The Memory of Trees

On and off, I have been steadily mulching my way through ute-loads of 'green waste'. It is the time of the local council green waste street verge collection. In multiple acts of irony I have been relocating branches from fallen trees at our other house and my parents and carting them back to our house … Continue reading The Memory of Trees

The Moon in Pisces

Planting by the cycles of the Moon has intrigued me over the years and continues to do so as I witness how the cycles of the Moon affect those around me. Recently a teacher mentioned to me that she has noticed clear differences in the behaviour of children in conjunction with the Full Moon, though … Continue reading The Moon in Pisces

How I Successfully Grow Tagasaste from Seed

I’ve read of various people trying numerous ways to successfully germinate tagasaste seeds. From direct planting to boiling in water for one minute or scarifying the seeds and planting. I too have made endeavours to get hard coated seeds such as acacia and tagasaste seeds to germinate through various means and I’ve settled on a … Continue reading How I Successfully Grow Tagasaste from Seed

Makuru – The Winter Wet

To the local Nyoongar people of the area this part of the year is known as Makuru, the Season of Fertility. In such a dry place as Australia this stands to reason. Water falls and allows plants and animals to reproduce and prepare for the coming dry spell that lies beyond the wetter months. The … Continue reading Makuru – The Winter Wet

Backyard Birdlife – Perch & Trap

Autumn. From previous years observations I have noticed that there is a tendency for the Flycatchers to be on the move and more active in places where perhaps they are not at other times of the year. This usually means more frequent visits into urban gardens. We've had the Grey Fantails around and the Willy … Continue reading Backyard Birdlife – Perch & Trap