March Observations 2019

  01/03/2019 First decent rainfall for the year 20/03/2019 First call of the Western Banjo Frog in the backyard for the season. It is deep, booming, explosive and echoes around our backyard. 23/03/2019 Increased movement of flocks of White-tailed Black Cockatoos. Which is evidently why the Great Cocky Count is held around this time of … Continue reading March Observations 2019

Spinach Head

With the threat of eating too much of thisĀ  . . . and turning into one of these . . . I recently harvested a bunch of greens to blanch and freeze for easy additions to breakfast meals and other dishes we might prepare throughout the course of a week. There are some objections to … Continue reading Spinach Head

Dinosaur Parsley

The paradox in gardening that I re-discover from time to time is: a wonderful success preceded by shear and utter neglect. Our Continental Parsley is such a thing. The most that I could ever have contributed to this success is the choice of a good location (between our rainwater tanks - where the soil remains … Continue reading Dinosaur Parsley

Mini-Crop Update & Raised Bed One

Our little batch of mini-crops (mostly large pots) are doing really well. As with our original Petit Paradis garden, I planted out quite a collection of pots with small, usually mixed vegetables. This was with the intention of at least providing something of home-grown quality instead of relying solely on buying produce in. At least … Continue reading Mini-Crop Update & Raised Bed One