Late Spring Actions & Street Party

After being absent from the garden for several days it was nice to see it ‘exploding’ in the early morning sunshine. It had rained a little over night and when the first light hits the garden with its warmth, it comes alive.

There is buzzing and humming. A little moments worth of observation . . . a heavy presence of bees in the Walking Stick Cabbage flowers, Parsnip and Parsley flowers and Nasturtium flowers. A background droning of buzzing bees. But there was humming company with hoverflies and march flies in the mix also. Even the occasional wasp was doing the rounds of the Parsnip flowers.

garden pp late nov

The March flies were not the usual variety we see. They were larger in body than my thumbnail and made a really heavy buzzing sound. Very vibrational and loud.

The pumpkin vines are doing well and most are beginning to flower now.

parsnip pp

The Parsnip flowers appear to be highly attractive to a wide variety of flying insects. I have grown them from parsnip tops saved over in the kitchen from roast winter vegetables. Grown from tops they are quick to bolt and will provide a nice harvest of fresh parsnip seed for next years crop. Parsnip seed is one of the least forgiving seeds in my experience, requiring the freshest seed possible as it does not store well.

I planted out more spuds this morning and topped them off with all the small sticks and empty pods from thrashing the broccoli and cabbage seeds. Other odds and ends of trimmings from tidying up the garden also went on top.  The soil in the vegetable gardens is alive with worms since maintaining the wet with the greywater.

parsley flowers pp

Likewise, the parsley is also attracting an amazing collection of insects to its multiple bouquets of tiny creamy white flowers.

In other areas of the garden the canna lilies have been flourishing with the heat and moisture. As a result I have planted out all the remaining lilies I had in small pots to let them multiply in the garden. I can then dig them up and move them later. I also planted out some arrowroot plants. In some of the small swales there are potatoes coming up and the sugar cane is getting its groove back after many disturbances.

I’ve not ever really bothered with trimming leaves off tomato plants but I did today as our self sown tomato bush is so thick with leaves and flowers that it was far too shady and thick.

little jungle pp

In the afternoon it rained quite heavily. Between showers we walked up the road for a street party to meet some of the neighbours. It was a really pleasant event with a fantastic turnout  who mingled undercover. There were of course many familiar faces, but a lot of new ones too.

As I work in the garden I frequently wave to passers-by (from the trenches of the raised garden beds) as they skirt along the top of the block and pause  to check out the garden. Technically we don’t live on the street where the party was, but the top of the block fronts onto it and we were delighted to be included in the gathering.

When people asked which house we were from I simply said ‘the house with the rainwater tanks and the rabbits’ – and they usually got it. It’s not a typical scene to have rabbits bigger than cats doing laps around the garden. At least, it wasn’t typical. It’s becoming so on a regular basis, though the rabbits are securely confined to their hutches. There was a dead rabbit on the side of the road again yesterday, so the likelihood of the virus doing the rounds in our neighbourhood is much greater I assume. This morning I scooped the rabbit up off the road with a spade and buried it under the jabotica palm. Because, that’s what we do here.

Mrs PP and the Little Fellas also put up the Christmas Tree today while we had time. It looks amazing. They did a great job.


One thought on “Late Spring Actions & Street Party

  1. How nice to read about your seasons and weather while ours is doing the opposite. I do happen to like what we are getting now for autumn, but the contrast is nice too. My cannas will probably get cut back soon. I do not want to wait until winter.


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