The Memory of Trees

On and off, I have been steadily mulching my way through ute-loads of 'green waste'. It is the time of the local council green waste street verge collection. In multiple acts of irony I have been relocating branches from fallen trees at our other house and my parents and carting them back to our house … Continue reading The Memory of Trees

Makuru – The Winter Wet

To the local Nyoongar people of the area this part of the year is known as Makuru, the Season of Fertility. In such a dry place as Australia this stands to reason. Water falls and allows plants and animals to reproduce and prepare for the coming dry spell that lies beyond the wetter months. The … Continue reading Makuru – The Winter Wet

I’m Lichen this for the Mulch

While I was mulching the Coral Tree twigs and leaves and being very careful not to touch the thorns, I was amazed at the lichen growing along the wood. Most of the woody parts of the tree limbs was covered with what appeared to be quite established lichen. The wood itself was reasonably fragile when … Continue reading I’m Lichen this for the Mulch

The Red Gum & The Red Wattlebird

The outside of the red gum at this time of year is a profusion of blossoms. It vibrates with the sound of bees and flies and is cluttered with the squawks of Red Wattlebirds and the whistles of New Holland Honeyeaters. Now and then a Brown Honeyeater steals in to take of the spoils as … Continue reading The Red Gum & The Red Wattlebird

Cleaning Air

I've been interested in cleaning the air in our house for some time. Years in fact. During the renovation I was particularly concerned with the possibilities of off-gassing from the building materials. Where possible we tried to reduce or eliminate these. For example, with our choice of floor finish (natural oils and wax) instead of … Continue reading Cleaning Air