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Into the promise of Summer

It has been just under three weeks since filling the bioreactor. After about two weeks it had sunk down just over two feet. It smells like a damp forest floor and I’ve only removed the pipes in the last few … Continue reading

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Home Shopping

  The days are blurring together. But this is the kind of stuff I’ve been up to. Friday morning was the beach walk with the family. It was refreshing, relaxing and resulted in a catch of one dead seagull, two … Continue reading

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The First Trees are Planted

Yesterday I planted out our first trees. There was no pomp and ceremony. Not loudly anyway. I carted up several loads of sandy soil and dumped them on the growing swale at the top of the slope. I filled up … Continue reading

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Plant List for Tillellan

This list has been kept for about ten years now. I am moving it to its current, more easily accessible position, so I can review it given that I anticipate a mass planting occurring at some point this year during … Continue reading

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February Firetails

This February has been rather interesting. When the start of the month came around our family were in Vietnam – except of course Gran. The anxious mother in law is not cut-out for travel at the best of times these … Continue reading

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