Tree X – Delonix regia

Some months ago whilst in Perth we pulled up in a suburban car park and were curious about the type of tree we had parked near. It had leaves much like an acacia or Tipuana tipu but with massive long pods hanging down. Some had fallen to the carpark whilst others had probably been removed … Continue reading Tree X – Delonix regia

Gardens of the Mind

This garden reminds me of an English Garden I once knew. It was a walled Victorian garden near Stonehenge, UK. I arrived at the height of summer and would pick sweet pea flowers for the hotel restaurant. To this day the scent of sweet peas reminds me of an English summer. Sometimes I would sit … Continue reading Gardens of the Mind

Mrs PP Strikes

On Wednesday, Mrs PP was looking for a particular indoor plant which retails for about $15 - $20 a pot in the nurseries. She found one for $5 on a local trading site and was very pleased with herself. She innocently went out to pick it up whilst on her errands. After a while, I … Continue reading Mrs PP Strikes

Tagasaste from Seed

For the record - a brief update on the tagasaste trees. I grew these from seed and though neglected at times during house moves and renovations enough managed to survive to make it into the ground where they have happily grown to over 6 feet. Though it is not clear from the picture, several of … Continue reading Tagasaste from Seed

Recent Activity

After the extraordinary weather last week, beautiful, fine sunny, quite summer-like and then an absolutely contrasting Good Friday (rain, hail, chilly temperatures) - we are back into summery days again. In fact, we have been since Saturday! With an urgency I have been rising in the morning and getting into the garden, where possible, without … Continue reading Recent Activity