Home Shopping


sea pp

The days are blurring together. But this is the kind of stuff I’ve been up to.

Friday morning was the beach walk with the family. It was refreshing, relaxing and resulted in a catch of one dead seagull, two dead shearwater and a dried out blowfish. More on that here.

Saturday I got stuck into the main garden bed and re-arranged it. I was a little reluctant to as after having stored a good variety of plants in the garden there over the summer for ease of watering for the house sitter, they really were looking comfortable. Very lush. But not really ideal for growing winter vegetables. I compromised and left some of the sweet potato in situ for the winter. I have since planted out peas, parsnips, carrots, beans, numerous dark, leafy greens and coriander.

lush pp

Once inside from the garden I made a frittata for the family. They always enjoy a yummy frittata. The Little Fellas get into it with gusto and it’s one of the few meals I can cook without them picking bits out. I’ve made dishes where I’ve finely diced all manner of vegetables and inevitably they still find their favourites to pick out. Not with the frittata. Hooray!

frittata pp

Then there was Sunday’s shopping outing which occurred over the neighbours fence. To make the job easier I used one of the Little Fella’s old fish/butterfly nets. Observing social distancing and all that stuff. Actually, it was really just easier for the neighbour so there wasn’t much reaching involved.

fence pp

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