A Chat Over the Fence

Sometimes, when time permits, I get to have a bit of a chat with our neighbour.

Sadly I am often too pressed for time to get a job done and cannot really settle into a good, decent conversation. Today for instance I wanted to finish some concreting and move the large pile of brickies sand that the Landscape Supply truck had dumped on our drive-way – 1) so that it was gone before any rain showers, which was looking likely, and 2) to claim back the drive-way in case it was required and 3) so that I wasn’t left having to cart around wet brickies sand later on.

Anyway, I was tired and our neighbour is always keen to be giving something away so I squatted down by the fence and listened to the stories, the concerns and held my little bunch of deeply perfumed and freshly picked duet of parsley and trio of basil. And I gave of my time and ear.

Now, the special thing about my neighbour is that, for her and her husband there really is not much of a change to the way of things with risk management for COVID-19 . Yes, there is the odd shopping trip that is probably rather more unpleasant than shopping trips normally would be. Yet she is still swapping home grown vegies, herbs and fruit with her friends (and neighbours!) and not really missing out. Apart from spending more time around the house, her relationships and the swapping of stories, herbs, vegetables or fruit from her garden continues as it normally does. Giving a helping hand.



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