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Red Wing

Wednesday 9th Dec. This is Red Wing. He that rules the roost in the garden at the present time. I wasn’t exactly sure that the Fairy-Wrens visiting the garden were Red-winged wrens, as Blue-breasted Fairy-Wrens are also found in the … Continue reading

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A Place to Die

Today the Very Ugly Garden was a sanctuary for death. As I began the foundations of the green house I listened and watched the birds. It was early morning. Quite early actually. There were New Holland Honeyeaters feeding on several … Continue reading

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The Very Ugly Garden

Over the last few years our garden has transitioned from a relatively newly cleared block (in preparation for the renovation) to a small salvage yard of various resources such as patio pavers, salvaged timber, corrugated sheeting, animal hutches, plastic pots … Continue reading

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An Exciting New Discovery

This amazing little creature has eluded me for so long. I knew it to be a Mole Cricket. Just one of those things that has stuck in my mind from looking through nature books as a child. I found this … Continue reading

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Into the promise of Summer

It has been just under three weeks since filling the bioreactor. After about two weeks it had sunk down just over two feet. It smells like a damp forest floor and I’ve only removed the pipes in the last few … Continue reading

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