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Christmas 2017 – Petit Paradis

Australian Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda Merry Christmas to all our readers. For those in the North, stay warm and enjoy your friends and family time. To those in the South, happy summer holidays! See you all in the New Year!

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Down Under Christmas Treats

What do you get when you make a gingerbread man person DownUnder? Upside Down little folk that you can Mr Squiggle into Christmas Reindeer! Mrs PP used this gluten free recipe from Evolving Table to put together these biscuits for … Continue reading

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Just when I thought the garden was  smelling good with the abundant blossoms of the Honeysuckle, out comes the Buddleia for the beginning of Summer. Buddleia davidii is to me, the perfume of English summers – along with Petunias and … Continue reading

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Damage Control

With an available morning to tend to the Tillellan garden I drove over to the house and was there by 5am to do some maintenance. The early rise was to beat the heat and the first job was to fix … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day 2017

This year, Remembrance Day fell on the same weekend as the Albany Agricultural Society Show. Mrs PP was one of a few asked to make a wreath for the Horticultural Society to help mark the occasion. The roses were donated … Continue reading

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Generation Waste

  We are not our stuff. We are more than our possessions. Our memories are within us, not our things. Our stuff weighs on us emotionally and mentally. Old photographs can be scanned. You can take pictures of items you … Continue reading

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The Re-Invention of Real Food

My generation – Gen-X – and subsequent generations have been raised eating food from a can, a glass jar, a packet of powder mixed up and microwaved. Or from various fast food outlets and some that pretend not to be … Continue reading

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