High in the Skies . . .

This is an image of the Little Eagle being mobbed by an Australian Raven recently, about midday. There were also magpies involved and it was quite a scene given that it is the height of breeding season for many birds and most of them already have young and are trying to ensure a little security. … Continue reading High in the Skies . . .

Frog Pools in the Garden

Recently we shifted our small bowls and pool bowls into the vegetable garden to encourage the local frog population into the garden itself. We visited the local pond to collect some gambusia or Mosquito fish. These are an introduced species which we regularly catch to put into our small pools so that any mosquito larvae … Continue reading Frog Pools in the Garden

Turtles on the Move

Today we witnessed the mini-migration of the endemic turtles to our area, the Southwestern Snake-necked Turtle. It's interesting how names change for birds and animals. I grew up knowing it as the Long-necked Tortoise. I was up early to sow seeds into the new beds. It had been raining lightly throughout the night by the … Continue reading Turtles on the Move

Spring Kits

Our wayward rabbit Spot, was finally captured again about a week ago. She'd been quite happy roaming the garden and neighbouring blocks for about three weeks. And as things tend to occur around here, if it's not one thing, it's another. At least for the time being. So I was busy getting stuff sorted with … Continue reading Spring Kits


By default, this post is about edges. It's a bit of an update on how the wormwood hedge is going and my interim water saving measure for the impending summer ahead. Wormwood Hedge Long term readers may remember my various ravings about wormwood. I planted a hedge out to use as a border to repel … Continue reading Edges