Retrofitting the Suburbs *

  Self-reliance. . . It has always been an economic foundation of every society in history, it's just that in theĀ super-charged affluence of the past couple of decades we've managed to suck it dry and shift everything up, into the monetary economy. And when you get economic contraction it's just natural that people start doing … Continue reading Retrofitting the Suburbs *

In Praise of Honeysuckle

When I go out onto our raised deck I am hit with the perfume of Spring. Honeysuckle has always been in this garden since we moved in. It was just a small evergreen vine with leaves. I even confused it with a native plant until it got more water and care and took off with … Continue reading In Praise of Honeysuckle

Aussie Climate Zone Comparisons

[ You may notice that Tasmania is not covered in this map. Within Tasmania there are several smaller climate regions which are covered in the link Daily Mail news articleĀ  ] Recently I came across this map of climate comparisons across Australia with other regions of the world. I am not surprised to see Perth … Continue reading Aussie Climate Zone Comparisons

“So, when are you moving in?”

A big week is planned. This week should see the installation of the kitchen, laundry, garage door and possibly the final stages of electrical work and the solar pv system. At some point the final window treatments will go in also. Cupboard doors still need fitting and the two sets of stair cases - so … Continue reading “So, when are you moving in?”

Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One

Part One - Zero to Abundance I find it pays to refresh the mind of concepts from time to time. Each time I take a look at zones there is a different mind-set of learning and experience that views the zones and my approach to them differently. Mostly due to a different piece of land … Continue reading Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One