Spring Kits

Our wayward rabbit Spot, was finally captured again about a week ago. She'd been quite happy roaming the garden and neighbouring blocks for about three weeks. And as things tend to occur around here, if it's not one thing, it's another. At least for the time being. So I was busy getting stuff sorted with … Continue reading Spring Kits


By default, this post is about edges. It's a bit of an update on how the wormwood hedge is going and my interim water saving measure for the impending summer ahead. Wormwood Hedge Long term readers may remember my various ravings about wormwood. I planted a hedge out to use as a border to repel … Continue reading Edges

June Update

The Moon is waxing and the June Solstice is upon us. This is a longer post than normal as I record an update on what is happening around the garden. The Winter vegetables are coming along fabulously with the recent rain which is no doubt starting to assist with the rapid breakdown of all the … Continue reading June Update

Retrofitting the Suburbs *

  Self-reliance. . . It has always been an economic foundation of every society in history, it's just that in the┬ásuper-charged affluence of the past couple of decades we've managed to suck it dry and shift everything up, into the monetary economy. And when you get economic contraction it's just natural that people start doing … Continue reading Retrofitting the Suburbs *

In Praise of Honeysuckle

When I go out onto our raised deck I am hit with the perfume of Spring. Honeysuckle has always been in this garden since we moved in. It was just a small evergreen vine with leaves. I even confused it with a native plant until it got more water and care and took off with … Continue reading In Praise of Honeysuckle