Chicken Yard Progress, kind of. . .

At present, whatever way I look at the garden, it’s all hinging on the chook yard.

I appear to have worked myself into a ‘corner’. I think it’s a good corner, but a bit annoying nonetheless. I can only hope that it will force me to focus on the job at hand.

Before I can get the main garden bed ready for the remainder of autumn and winter I need to get the rest of the retaining walls finished so that I can move the plants that are being held over in the main garden bed.

To finish the retaining wall I need to finish the placement of the chicken yard and to effectively do that I need to finish digging out the last few plants that are in my way and complete the small rock wall that I have been progressively working on.

On the whole, the days here have been rather mild, but the sun has still been rather intense. Not normally being one to perspire readily, I have broken a sweat often within an hour of starting the work.


After years of being without chickens I am really missing their presence in our garden as it once again starts to morph into the lush potential that it holds. Turning a sandy site into something like the image below, only bigger, with deeper relationships between elements. That is the vision I hold in my mind when I am digging hydrophobic sand on the hillside.



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