A New Bird: Spotted Pardalote

It’s 1:30 am and Gran is talking in her sleep.

“Don’t do that Jenny!” she hisses sternly.

Soon enough she shifts pitch and her voice is sounding anxious and moving from muffled mumbling to clear and raised and alarmed. I’ve already got up once to turn the light on and try and wake her up. After the second time she settled down, but I wasn’t able to get back to sleep myself.

The Little Fellas sleep really well. So there is a growing resentment on my behalf towards Gran when not being able to get a decent sleep myself, Gran gets to have the occasional nap during the day. Frustratingly, I am simply resigned to this lot at the moment. But it’s been going on for years. I’m sure when she yawns loudly during the day as she lays on her bed that she is mocking me!

When my sleep is disturbed I usually stay in bed and toss and turn. Sit up and meditate. ‘Daydream’ of how the garden will evolve or how to solve problems around the house, or financially, or with the Little Fellas, or climate change, or tidying up the garage, or paperwork that needs doing, or simply just how to make things better.

Come sunrise and the galahs are stirring noisily in the gums outside. I am itchy to get out into the garden and back into the projects. But I stay and prepare breakfast for the Little Fellas as they emerge from their room, sleepily walk up to me and give me a hug around the waist.

They have a drink and sit and eat their breakfast, mulling over their drawings and artwork from the night before.

Come 8 am I am in the garden and setting up for a day of digging and rock walling. More digging and setting up posts for the chook yard.

Towards the middle of the afternoon I start to wind up. Sip a cup of chamomile tea from the thermos and have a sauna. A good sauna session for me is quiet, uninterrupted, dark, and is really quite something. Especially after dusty, dirty digging in the garden and having been up since 1:30 am.

I water the garden and we have a new bird visitor.

A Spotted Pardalote female who flies directly in front of me, perches briefly in the small tree near the bird bath. She flits over to the bird bath and takes a drink. Then flies over towards the pond and into the Sydney Wattle, dipping down further to the Brazilian Pepper suckers that are coming up.


Such a beautifully patterned little bird to have drop in for a visit. If I’d been looking away for twenty seconds I would have missed it. So you know, I’m taking it as a sign that I’m on the right track with the garden. Especially when I see the Diamond Firetail finches hopping around outside near the patio and we had another rarer visitor to our garden yesterday in the form of

pardalote spotted pp
Spotted Pardalote female. Attribution.


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