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Less More & More Less

When the morning nurse came to visit she stopped by the kitchen on her way out. “I use to visit this house years back. ” she reflected. “There was an old couple I used to come and check on. The … Continue reading

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Chocolate for Tuesday, Gran & Black Beans

Picture this – One night this past week,  . . . Mrs PP had dished a bit of salad out for Gran (you should read this post Gran’s Diabetic Garden first) who then immediately and carefully, pushes the cucumber and … Continue reading

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37 Shades of Red Geraniums

There is a geranium cutting staring at me from a jam jar of water near the kitchen sink. I’m doing the dishes, and this yellowing, leaf-dropping, cutting is crying out to be planted in the garden. GeRANiums. Gran loves them. … Continue reading

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Gran: a birthday

Gran was asked some time ago what she would like for her 77th birthday. “A Steak. And a Coffee Cake made with Chicory Essence.” Bless her. She knew exactly what she wanted for once! Fortunately, we live a happy walking … Continue reading

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Generational Misconduct

Gran opened the fridge door, took a hearty dollop of chilled, gelatinised bone broth from the container and dumped it on her morning porridge. “I thought it was stewed fruit.” she said. “No, it wasn’t. It was bone broth.” said … Continue reading

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