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Applying Self-Regulation & Accepting Feedback.
The sins of the father are visited on the children unto the seventh generation.

Pests, Predators and Observations

The morning started with bird calls. The magpies were the first birds I heard. It was around 4am. This time of the year, in this part of the world, we get some lovely morning light. One of my first tasks … Continue reading

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Last Monday the back of the house was inundated with hoverflies. I have never seen hoverflies in such prolific, swarming abundance. They were coming in under the verandah and getting caught up in spider webs. Throughout the week they have … Continue reading

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1st January 2020

  Some thoughts . . . It has been said that in the before time, our nation was not covered so much by eucalypts. As in, they were not the dominant tree species that we have today in Australia. But … Continue reading

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Mrs PP has created something of a Christmas tradition in the household. It’s like an Advent Calendar of sorts, only it’s a collection of 25 books with Christmas themes and stories. They are wrapped – with recycled paper from last … Continue reading

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Peter’s Chicken Pieces & Soil Conditioning

The sorting of Stuff continues. . . It is amazing what you find when looking through family ‘treasures’. This cardboard box back was found in amongst some of Gran’s books and photos. Though Peters is known for its ice-creams, clearly … Continue reading

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