About Petit Paradis

Petit Paradis started as a personal, on-line garden journal in 2010, some months after moving into our house in Albany, Western Australia. During this time the garden evolved and adapted as our family grew. We are a family of three adults and two young boys. You can read about the beginning journey from here.

For a brief time in 2015 we moved out and rented, before moving back in with the addition of grandmother. This was the catalyst to get going on what had been a long term plan to renovate gran’s house so we could all move in as a family. This project started in August 2016 and the house itself was finished in early 2018. The garden and outside areas are currently being worked on.

Given the degree of earthworks and renovating required we have seized the opportunity to further some of the lessons from our first home and apply them to greater effect (hopefully!) in the renovated home, the new garden, and our lifestyle. In many respects we are starting from the base up. We know we have inspired family and friends to create aspects of their own ‘little paradise’ and look forward to sharing our new adventures with you also. The new chapter starts from somewhere around here.