Hoverflies around the brassica flowers.

Last Monday the back of the house was inundated with hoverflies.

I have never seen hoverflies in such prolific, swarming abundance. They were coming in under the verandah and getting caught up in spider webs. Throughout the week they have maintained their presence in the garden but appear to have spread themselves out.

Hoverflies, born into the blue of a new Spring day.

After a little more research I have learnt that the recent hot weather spell early in the week was most likely that which produced the boon in these predatory insects. I know that the larvae feed on aphids, though I’ve not seen many plants with aphids on during the winter months or even into the warming weather. I have however had radishes flowering throughout the winter in order to collect seed, along with some brassicas. I am wondering whether these plants permitted hoverfly larvae to survive intact during the winter. Given that the plants have not been disturbed or uprooted to make way for other crops or plantings.

We also have little areas of water which can also create an environment for hoverfly larvae to survive and thrive.

These hoverfly were not so lucky. More joined them as the day went on.

Further Reading:


WA Department of Agriculture

The Australian Museum

Plus : Slow Motion Video of Hoverfly

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