Birthday Cheesecake & Spring Rains

On the 1st of November last year, it rained.

As it did this year. Not enough to put a stop to a birthday party today though. That’s how I remember that it was raining this time last year. This year, the youngest Little Fella declared himself worthy of a cheesecake for his birthday cake. And so it was.

Eaten indoors amidst squeals of excitement and the thudding of the floorboards in a house that has probably seen more birthday cakes in the last (almost) three years than it has in the last fifty years combined!

After working during the week and being busy with preparations yesterday – when I finally got out into the garden today I really noticed the difference. The larger garden bed has completely filled in with greenery. Salad plants, tomatoes, and a heap of various ‘weeds’ which are also edible and will be grazed through in the coming weeks.

Bullfrog did not appear amused with any of the changes in the garden. After having to shut down the greywater system for a day or two the water level was getting low. I got to it today and gave the system a well-earned maintenance session. Flushing it out and stripping back some of the slime that inevitably builds up in the main system.

In the picture above is the weed pile I started in early Spring which has reduced in size about four times. Around it I have planted potatoes and leek. As the Albany Agricultural Society Show was cancelled this year I have let some of the leek go to seed to build up seed stock for next year.

The Scarlet Runner beans are flowering today as is one of the grape vines. Our Mott’s beans are taking off whilst others are taking their time. At the far back of the photo is where I planted the corn seeds which inevitably got dug up by the Quenda. There are some left that are growing good and strong and which I will let go to make the most of the seed opportunity, despite shockingly low numbers of plants. They are seeds that were not all that easy to come by. Especially in Western Australia as so many varieties are not permitted into the State from the Eastern Seaboard or indeed, abroad. Those that are a almost always hybrid varieties and not exactly what I am interested in growing.

As you can see by the photograph, it was mainly overcast today, yet warm. Most of the rain was actually overnight however birthdays and growing plants go on regardless, no matter the weather.

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