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Days of Summer

Summer in this part of the world has a particular soundtrack. There is the click and ticks of the cicadas. The percussive rhythm that gives the heartbeat to the days of summer. There are the intermittent melodies of birds visiting … Continue reading

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Christmas Day 2020

It was an early start. With two Little Fellas there was no alternative beginning to the day. We opened some presents and prepared some food. The Little Fellas were excited to be spending Christmas with their Aunty and Uncle. Aunty … Continue reading

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The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – Dec. 21st 2020

This coming Monday the 21st of December 2020 is the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn. Given that this is so close to Christmas it is often mistakenly called the Christmas Star. This event occurs in a regular pattern once … Continue reading

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A Place to Die

Today the Very Ugly Garden was a sanctuary for death. As I began the foundations of the green house I listened and watched the birds. It was early morning. Quite early actually. There were New Holland Honeyeaters feeding on several … Continue reading

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The Very Ugly Garden

Over the last few years our garden has transitioned from a relatively newly cleared block (in preparation for the renovation) to a small salvage yard of various resources such as patio pavers, salvaged timber, corrugated sheeting, animal hutches, plastic pots … Continue reading

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