Spring Morning

I was out into the garden just after five am. There was a gentle light, but a warmness to the air. Their was barely any dew on the grass. The garden was fresh, but comfortably warm and the day ahead was possibly going to be hot. A flock of galahs settled on the neighbours roof … Continue reading Spring Morning

The Albany Show

Amidst everything else that has been going on around here . . . the Albany Show stops for no one. So it was that we piled our garden produce and cut flowers into the car along with of course the Little Fellas, and made for an early start at the pavilion. How pleasing it was … Continue reading The Albany Show

A Return

This post is my first since the 23rd of April post. Any posts in between have been added in order to catch up with records. The day after that last post I injured my ankle and I have to say, I took the opportunity to visit several things. That I had clearly superseded previous warnings … Continue reading A Return

September Observations 2019

31st of August 2019 From our vantage point on the side of the mountain our youngest Little Fella and myself watched the changing light of the new day. This is Binalup. And from here, with the aid of our binoculars, we can see that the silvery sparkles on the waters surface near the shore are … Continue reading September Observations 2019

August Activities

16th August - Winter. A surprising bit of winter in what has otherwise been what I think I'll look back on as "the Winter we never really had." 22nd August - The Indian Coral Tree over at the park is adding a bit of vibrant colour to the place. 28th August - With a decent … Continue reading August Activities