Cooking For One

Dinner time.

It’s often a challenge and seldom with some sort of drama from someone. Tonight the Little Fellas were actually eating all of their dinner and I think they really enjoyed it. I made a mini banquet of assorted herbs, vegetables, noodles, rice and fish and beef. To this we added hot broth in the style of Vietnamese Phở .

Gran got a rap from the random stick though. In our house, Gran usually has her own meal prepared because she won’t eat what we eat. Tonight I was heating up a pie for her. A lovely home-style pie from a local, award winning  bakery. It came with friends though in a mixed batch and when Gran cut into it and promptly pulled out a fig that had been stuffed in the middle, things went south a little. From what we can work out, it was Cauliflower, Fig and Blue Cheese. The whole, dried fig put Gran off a bit, but by the time she’d finished eating Gran had talked herself into it being a Vegetarian Cream Cheese Pie. Mrs PP dared not mention that it might have had cauliflower in it!

pie pp

Gran managed to eat half of the pie which is not a bad effort really and surprise of surprises the youngest little fella finished his bowl of vegetables and broth and soon polished off the other half of Grans delectable pie.  Unbelievable! Who would have thought.

dinner 2 ppThere wasn’t much left of the dinner, which is always nice.


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