March Observations 2019

  01/03/2019 First decent rainfall for the year 20/03/2019 First call of the Western Banjo Frog in the backyard for the season. It is deep, booming, explosive and echoes around our backyard. 23/03/2019 Increased movement of flocks of White-tailed Black Cockatoos. Which is evidently why the Great Cocky Count is held around this time of … Continue reading March Observations 2019

Here, There & Everywhere . . .

Within a matter of seconds this New Holland Honeyeater had done a quick round of the garden beds, plucking insects from the air and garden plants. They have nested very near to us this year, along our fence line and are busy collecting food for their young. They are one of the main honeyeaters that … Continue reading Here, There & Everywhere . . .

Grey Fantail : Personality with Wings

The pair of Grey Fantails are so busy in the garden. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. . . They are busy here, there and everywhere. Around me. Next to me. Over me. Under the staircase, on the staircase, perched fleetingly somewhere - then off into the air chasing an insect. I have thoughts like Grey … Continue reading Grey Fantail : Personality with Wings

Wood Ducks, Patience and Working at Heights

The local Wood Ducks are seeking higher ground. It's going to be a sore point this year. Our chimneys are gone. The ducks loved our chimneys. They would stand atop them and croon and quack and carry on with one another. Have little discussions about the inclement weather and how they might go about finding … Continue reading Wood Ducks, Patience and Working at Heights

The Return of the White-breasted Robin

It has been a cold, gusty, wintry day. But somewhere there during mid-morning I heard a call from the past. I could had sworn it was the 'chip-chip' of a White-breasted Robin which is not entirely impossible as we had one visit the garden quite regularly a number of years ago whilst it was covered … Continue reading The Return of the White-breasted Robin