Tree X – Delonix regia

Some months ago whilst in Perth we pulled up in a suburban car park and were curious about the type of tree we had parked near. It had leaves much like an acacia or Tipuana tipu but with massive long pods hanging down. Some had fallen to the carpark whilst others had probably been removed … Continue reading Tree X – Delonix regia

Gardens of the Mind

This garden reminds me of an English Garden I once knew. It was a walled Victorian garden near Stonehenge, UK. I arrived at the height of summer and would pick sweet pea flowers for the hotel restaurant. To this day the scent of sweet peas reminds me of an English summer. Sometimes I would sit … Continue reading Gardens of the Mind

Birak – The First Summer

As I've posted before, I am a keen follower of the Nyoongar Seasons. That is, the seasons as observed by the local indigenous people of the south-west of Western Australia. Rather than simply defining the very same seasons as experienced by the European settlers to the region - that is the standard Summer, Autumn, Winter, … Continue reading Birak – The First Summer

Gran Re-Booted (& Magpie Mimicry)

At the start of November, Gran took ill. Really ill. My wife made phone calls to nursing staff and after no change in Grans condition, an ambulance. Much to the entertainment of the Little Fellas, it took four ambulance volunteers to get Gran sorted and out of the house safely in the cool of evening. … Continue reading Gran Re-Booted (& Magpie Mimicry)


I have been doing a bit of an audit of the house and the resources that remain. The next phase of the project is going to involve more retaining walls and beginning the foundations of what will be the chook house, hot house, garden shed and straw yard. It is occurring to me as a … Continue reading Considerations