Tillellan – Frog List

This is the start of our Frog List . . . an on-going list like our Bird List. Over the time I've uncovered a couple of frogs around the garden. As I've tried to identify them from pictures I've taken I've comet to realise that we may actually have several types of frogs in and … Continue reading Tillellan – Frog List

The Red Gum & The Red Wattlebird

The outside of the red gum at this time of year is a profusion of blossoms. It vibrates with the sound of bees and flies and is cluttered with the squawks of Red Wattlebirds and the whistles of New Holland Honeyeaters. Now and then a Brown Honeyeater steals in to take of the spoils as … Continue reading The Red Gum & The Red Wattlebird

Why the Chickens crossed the Road

Why? Because they just weren't getting looked after to the respectable level of care that they deserved. And so it was that Mrs PP found a new home for the four remaining chooks. I did not feel they were getting an improved level of lifestyle along with us and the rabbits. So in gifting them … Continue reading Why the Chickens crossed the Road

J’aime la saison d’automne!

As we've mentioned before - we love the season of Autumn in Albany. We also like the change of the seasons as one shifts into another. Sometimes subtly, sometimes sudden. Albany is a place of contrast. Often visitors tell us, it's just like Melbourne. Or they exclaim, it's four seasons in one day! This is … Continue reading J’aime la saison d’automne!

April Update 2018

How the year is moving by. . .   I have been working steadily to complete our last remaining room of the house - the utility room or mudroom. Once I get it completed we can start to move the items that are stored on the back verandah and get some resemblance of normalness occurring. … Continue reading April Update 2018