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Chicken Yard Progress, kind of. . .

At present, whatever way I look at the garden, it’s all hinging on the chook yard. I appear to have worked myself into a ‘corner’. I think it’s a good corner, but a bit annoying nonetheless. I can only hope … Continue reading

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The Destruction of Home Making

I have been progressively working on building up the garden. We have been here just over two years and the local wildlife have come to evolve with the changes in the garden. The King skinks are well fed and undisturbed … Continue reading

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The Feast of the First Morning of the First Day

This post is a reflection on our recent trip to Vietnam. Our first trip to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) was in 2007 during a world trip. The city seemed bigger now, but by how much I cannot really say. … Continue reading

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Little Kingdoms

This is the garden a few months ago when the beds were upgraded and planted out with tomatoes, spinach other seedlings removed from the pathways. Several months later it is a jungle of tomatos, herbs, flowers, spinach, pepino . . … Continue reading

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Summer Delights

The dahlias are flowering. Steadily over the last two years I have managed to cultivate our burgundy dahlias well enough to increase them in number. I have seen them described on-line with such fanciful names as velvet wine, black satin … Continue reading

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