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I have been doing a bit of an audit of the house and the resources that remain.

The next phase of the project is going to involve more retaining walls and beginning the foundations of what will be the chook house, hot house, garden shed and straw yard. It is occurring to me as a daunting project, but imperative to the success of the bigger picture.

We’ve also had a visit from DIG (Distinguished International Guest) once again. When I read that previous post made some years ago now it reminded me of how chaotic life really was back then, and oddly, how it hasn’t really changed much either.

So it was a welcome change that we somehow still managed to actually get away from home for a bit and into the forest. Oh, the forest. I’ve always felt at home in the forest and I miss it now. But I like the coast too and the two seldom meet with any convenience.

With being away from home I always think about things differently. I jotted down some fresh ideas and mulled over some stale ones. I pondered over forest vistas and winding rivers. Quaint little country towns with a vibrancy that appears to be lacking from my own home town.

When I returned home I was faced with a garden needing some attention. It had been treated to some nice sunny days and some gentle rains and had gone crazy. Especially the grass. I got it back into reasonable shape, filled the compost bins, made some new garden bed areas for potatoes and shuffled my precious potted fruit trees around so that they are not in the way for the next bit of work and will still survive the summer ahead.

It’s the trees that are niggling me at the moment. I really want to get them in the ground, however there are several other considerations to make before that occurs and for someone that has been very, very patient over the last couple of years, it’s wearing thin now.

Bullfrog was happy in his pond. I noticed him eat a cicada and realised that he didn’t use his tongue at all, but kind of launched at the prey with open, gaping mouth and scooped the insect up with his bottom jaw and snapping it shut in a swift motion. Sitting contentedly then, back on his perch of muddy, rotting, pond plants he seemed to smile at me as I continued on with my garden work.

This week the Hollyhock is picking up speed with its flowering and bursting into further flower while the dahlias are all picking up pace also and have started to flower the last few days.

The skinks, magpies and wattlebirds are all pretty carefree around me in the garden and tonight I think was the return of the quenda, the little Bandicoot that I have not seen in the garden for a while. I didn’t see it tonight either, but the motion of something moving through the garden was not like a skink and more like the familiar bandicoot I recall from last summer. I’ve seen signs of it coming around. Usually small diggings around the potatoes. I’m sure it probably made off with a newly sown seed potato a few weeks ago. I hope it enjoyed its spring feast.

I hope to write more of my thoughts and ideas from my time away in the forest. Time will tell.

For now though I am going off to curl up in bed and dream about trees.



One thought on “Considerations

  1. Yeah it’s probably getting too warm and dry to plant those fruit trees now – maybe you need to wait until the autumn? I’m dreaming of big mature fruit trees, providing not only fruit but a lot of shade – but they’re taking their time growing. Our garden was also generating compost fodder by the ton, but it is slowing down now as the dryness sets in. I love how you bring aspects of nature into your stories! Your bullfrog brings a few songs to mind – green river and goodbye yellow brick road to name two.


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