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The Last of March

The rains have come and I am grateful. Mostly because the days are sunny and delightfully warm and those overnight showers or early morning drops are ideal for the young seedlings and newly planted trees. I have also been re-potting … Continue reading

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Cardboard, Bananas, Skinks & Frogs

The rasping scream filled the corner of the garden and sent the neighbours dog into a barking fit. The scream stopped and started a few times and then stopped. I had heard it a few times before. It wasn’t human. … Continue reading

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The Big Dry

I have not spent much time in the garden, aside from the morning and afternoon check and water. The days have been warm. Almost a heat-wave you could say for the last week or so. It has me pondering over … Continue reading

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Little Kingdoms

This is the garden a few months ago when the beds were upgraded and planted out with tomatoes, spinach other seedlings removed from the pathways. Several months later it is a jungle of tomatos, herbs, flowers, spinach, pepino . . … Continue reading

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I have been doing a bit of an audit of the house and the resources that remain. The next phase of the project is going to involve more retaining walls and beginning the foundations of what will be the chook … Continue reading

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