Spring Morning

spring day nov pp.png

I was out into the garden just after five am. There was a gentle light, but a warmness to the air. Their was barely any dew on the grass. The garden was fresh, but comfortably warm and the day ahead was possibly going to be hot.

A flock of galahs settled on the neighbours roof to lick off the remaining beads of water that were already no doubt evaporating. They slid down the steep pitch, clinging to roofing bolts to try and stay put.

Somewhere in the grass, away from the pond, Bullfrog was crooning a gentle, low call. Quite pleasing to the ear. I found him a few hours later in an old bucket with a few inches of water in the bottom. A wet bottom and very happy about it. In the recent warm weather with gentle rainfall the grass has grown very quickly and had surrounded the bucket and covered it over. I relocated him to the pond where he sat quite happily tucked under the blue half barrel.

My main project was to build up soil (sand) around the rapidly growing potatoes and top them with the last of the hay so that I could then tidy up the lower part of the garden. Creating for myself a clean slate from which to get a better idea of how to go about constructing the greenhouse/garden shed/chicken coop.

Little by little I have been reclaiming the side of the garden from the neighbours ivy which has been growing about a metre out from the fence. There is an amazing amount of space in that corner of the garden now that much of it has been trimmed. The King Skinks crawl up in amongst it, as too I suspect, some rats.

The Hollyhock started to open its flowers today. Those first flowers have an amazing colour. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them. This one was grown from seeds of a solitary plant we grew at the other house. Though I scattered several seeds, only one decent plant has grown. My current favourite flowers are dahlias, hollyhocks and sweet peas. Mmmm, and daisies. The daisies are doing well, both the standards and the little coastal daisies that I am growing at the edge of the path between the garden beds.

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