The Albany Show

Amidst everything else that has been going on around here . . . the Albany Show stops for no one.

So it was that we piled our garden produce and cut flowers into the car along with of course the Little Fellas, and made for an early start at the pavilion.

How pleasing it was to see a friend pull up at the grounds with leeks from her garden. It was a welcome sight. After all, things appeared to have reached rock bottom last year and I had opinions about it.


The local Girl Guides put on a stunning display of flower arrangements and displays. The vegetable section was only slightly better represented than last year, but I think people are starting to see the possibilities. Just from hanging around the  displays, it’s got people talking and considering putting in entries for next years. Hopefully we have seen it fall to it’s lowest and folks are inspired to put their best forward next year.

It’s pretty easy to get the entries in and ready for judging. The challenge is the growing – and even that the plants take care of, it’s just the nurturing along the way and the trip to the show that the plants need from us.


The home-grown vegetable section. Not too many shows still have this event. If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it!

We did really well in the home produce section with some 1st and 2nd place awards. Largely just a matter of being in it to win it really, but I’ll be aiming to put in some of our leeks next year to give our friend a bit of extra competition!

The kids actually benefited from the involvement too. The organisation and set-up. The anticipation of the judging and seeing who won. It certainly adds another level to the whole show event. The rest of the show was much the same as what I posted about last year. It was great to re-visit the Poultry, Cattle and Alpacas as usual and what a saving grace it was to have a friend with her own food stall at the show, so we knew we could get some great tucker instead of the usual show food on offer.

We returned home and made a list of all the different things we can improve on and enter into next years Albany Show. For our household, the 2020 Albany Show is well and truly on the radar.

One thought on “The Albany Show

  1. Is that like a county fair?
    I entered a few jellies and jams into competition at a local Harvest Festival. I SO want a blue ribbon. I get a red ribbon every year, but never a blue ribbon. This year, I brought six entries . . . but there were NO others! Cuss! There was NO competition!


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