DIG – And a Day in the Life

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DIG has arrived.

Our Distinguished International Guest has touched down and hit town some days ago amidst school pick-ups and drop-offs, Blackberry actually giving birth to 5 healthy young kits despite not appearing pregnant, the on-going renovation and meetings, finance meetings, Grans preposterous blood sugar level monitoring and her resulting fascination with having it monitored regularly, our toilet plumbing playing up, the Little Fellas renewed and refreshed vigor with playing Lego and the resulting Lego ‘explosions’, semi-spontaneous job interview, the to and fro of carers through the house, further eloquent ramblings from The Random Stream of Consciousness, frequent trips to the house for watering plants and maintenance, early morning activities and wanderings from the Little Fellas, washing and drying dishes, the hot and cold – wet and dry weather pattern, conflict resolution between the Little Fellas, reading sessions, park playing sessions, the eerie crying call that comes up from the valley that we suspect is not a dying person but in fact an alpaca pretending to be a dying person, kids activities, the ever-present voices of ‘I’m still hungry…’, phone calls from International Call Centres telling us our computer is about to terminate or the internet connection we don’t have is faulty, door knockers and soliciting volunteers wanting a regular stream of our cash in order to save the world again, the howling of the dog next door when it hears an emergency vehicle siren (we live near a hospital!), a regular little voice pleading to watch ‘Star Wars’, meltdowns from kids not having had an midday nap, our araucana hen crowing like a rooster, random house visitors and being  house visitors, trips to Tip Shops, shopping and administering band-aids and medication to family members, putting out the washing and bringing it in before bushfire smoke or rain gets to it, remembering to check emails, feeding the pets and trying to contain the chickens in their strawyard, lengthy phone calls and preparing meals, Gran’s Nightmares, washing and drying more dishes, attending to paperwork, making more lists of things to do, doing a Lego Muster, moving furniture and negotiating the weather.

(Somewhere, somehow, I do the odd blog post.)

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