Petite Récolte

petitparadis potatoes

A quick dip into the dry, dry sand of the new garden produced a small harvest of Pink Eye Potatoes that were an initial planting when we started the garden bed. These complimented the sausages we cooked for our dinner with DIG.

The garden is growing well, adorned with frogs and dahlias and lots of small, insect attracting blossoms. The King Skinks have really settled in and the kikuyu grass is filling in the gaps between garden  beds. This I am encouraging at the moment as it will keep the sand down during summer and give us options for placing our various small livestock for feeding.

There are sweet peas flowering and various melons and pumpkin vines which have most likely just come up from the base of compost I put down to start the garden beds. These are thriving and should do well provided we can keep the water up to them until we move in. They are just starting to set fruit now. Once we are in the house then we can start to use the greywater for some irrigation until the rest of the water treatment area is set up.

petitparadis eggs

We also discovered the new location our hens were using for nesting. Given the relative disruption in the backyard recently they have been laying their eggs in a half full wine barrel once used as a plant pot. Under an upturned wheelbarrow, very secretive, sheltered and shady. This latest one which took a week to find was deep in a hedge amongst a labrynth of sticks.


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