“So, when are you moving in?”

petitparadis floors bathroom

A big week is planned.

This week should see the installation of the kitchen, laundry, garage door and possibly the final stages of electrical work and the solar pv system. At some point the final window treatments will go in also.

Cupboard doors still need fitting and the two sets of stair cases – so we can access the house from the front and the garden to the back.

Once this work is done the Painter is hoping for clear access to finish off the final touches. All going well it will still be a couple of weeks before we move. Pretty close to Christmas when I look at the calendar. 

petitparadis garden bed

The garden in the meantime is a rambling jungle of vegetables, potted trees, sunflowers, dahlias, nasturtium, vines and a diversity of grasses that have come to the garden through compost, horse manure, hay/straw and wind. Some of these I will catch seeds from to create a mixed crop for the animals into the future.

The area itself is well overdue for another tidy up. There is more planting to do and a bit more condensing of pots into one area for easier watering. Cardboard that we have removed from the skip bin is needing utilising so that it starts to break down and create top soil. With the assistance of our DIG, I managed to do some rearranging of pallets to retain some of the sandy banks.

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