There is much anticipation in the air.

We had thought that by this time of the year,  we would have surely been in our new house. Hence the arrival soon or our Distinguished International Guest (DIG). 

It is however, not to be. So we will make the most of our predicament. DIG is due to arrive early next week and will hopefully enjoy the cosy company of our little petit paradis abode.

Progress however has been occurring. The floorboards have all been sealed and some have a second coat. The painters have been sneaking in bits of work here and there, and have been doing a great job of working around all the other tradies.

The Plumber has also been dropping in on the quiet and finishing projects. The pump for delivering water to the house is installed.

Little pieces of the puzzle are slotting into place. With the floorboards sealed the kitchen can be installed and touch up painting can be done. We can then move in pieces of furniture ahead of our other furniture.

Final electrical work still needs doing and then hooking the house up to mains power. Once this is done then the solar pv installers can finish their job also.

Stairs to the house and back garden will be installed along with the garage door and by that time (fingers crossed) we should be much closer to shifting in. There are still projects to do, but with being in the house these can be done a lot quicker when time is available.

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