Remembrance Day 2017

petitparadis remembrance wreath

This year, Remembrance Day fell on the same weekend as the Albany Agricultural Society Show. Mrs PP was one of a few asked to make a wreath for the Horticultural Society to help mark the occasion.

The roses were donated by legendary local gardener Bella Swainston who produces some stunning blooms for presenting at the show each year. These were centre stage on our dining table tonight and were a reminder to me that a well kept rose is a thing of beauty.

As it happens my first place Petty French had a wonderful rose garden and I made the effort to remove some of them and keep them safe in the garden at Tillellan. This was a good thing as the rest were cleared when the house got demolished. They sat safely at Tillellan until just over a year ago when I dug them up once more and put them into large containers in preparation for the renovation.

I am still undecided where they will be planted for their next place of rest. Possibly the front of the house where they can be admired and won’t get in the way with their thorns.

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