Timber Floors @ Tillellan

petitparadis natural wood floor finishes LIVOS oils

We are thrilled with the product we have used on the floor boards at Tillellan. It is just what we were after and has proven to be better than expected. After much research and hunting we settled on purchasing a natural oil sealer from Livos Australia.

We were getting pretty tired of hearing ‘Polyurethane this’ and ‘Polyurethane that’. We knew enough to know we were going to be uncompromising on this one. Especially as were wanting to apply the finish ourselves.

There was no headaches from the application. And if there was going to be headaches I would have got them! No nasty fumes, just a pleasant blend of linseed, orange and rosemary with a little beeswax scent as well. When applied according to the instructions the finish cures dry and is not the least bit tacky – which was one of our main concerns. A call to the head office in Victoria put us right on this.

Livos floor finishes have been used successfully in commercial areas such as gyms. This put us at ease, knowing that the odds of the floor withstanding the punishment dealt out by a growing family and Gran’s walker, were suddenly much better.

petitparadis natural floors

The photo on the left is the newly sanded, raw timber. This part of the house was done with new floorboards, but the original floorboards and new both took on an incredibly warm glow when the oil and wax sealer was applied.

The floorboards in the picture below are some of the existing floorboards from what was originally the formal dining room. They had been hiding under an oiled mat which we were not able to salvage and which I am not so sorry about anymore. What a joy to look at these.

petitparadis floor finishes.png

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