Nothing but Flowers . . .

This used to be real estate
Now it’s only fields and trees
Where, where is the town?
Now, it’s nothing but flowers
The highways and cars
Were sacrificed for agriculture
I thought that we’d start over
But I guess I was wrong

Talking Heads (Nothing but) Flowers


petitparadis backyard

I’ve been looking at our greater backyard through the eyes of a tourist.

Mr DIG’s stay has meant the occasional trip out and about. Happy little forays into nature to escape the troubles and pressures and stresses around us presently. I’ve enjoyed the moments of serenity and poise rather immensely and have found myself with not only a renewed interest to get out into the further reaches of Nature more often, but also with a deeper gratitude for the incredible beauty close to home, or within reach.

“There is so much about modern agriculture that I do not like, but scenes of hay bales in open fields with trees or rolling hills is quite therapeutic for me to look at.” I told Mr DIG.

We have meandered through lake, beach, forest, farmland, river and urban environments. Had long chats with tea, coffee or chai over random and varied subject matter.

After such a long time away from some of the things I have enjoyed in the past it feels as though there is an approaching opportunity to bring them back home and discover them again.

Beyond the backyard is a natural world of inspiration that can be used to create a magical backyard at home. As the song (Nothing but) Flowers addresses, we are not likely to free ourselves of urban settings too easily despite our love of Nature, but I think we can make them something special and worthwhile and nourishing. The infrastructure and community is there, we can benefit from modifying it to suit our new needs and desires.


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2 thoughts on “Nothing but Flowers . . .

  1. Through the eyes of a tourist? That sounds cool. When I get frustrated about certain aspects of living where I do, I sometimes remember that I live in a place where many people come to vacation. I live among some of the tallest trees in the world! The weather is about as perfect as it can be. It is not always easy, but the fact that people vacation here makes me think that it is better than somewhere else. But, then, I like to vacation in Los Angeles and Portland!


    1. Good on you Tony. You do live in a wonderful part of the world. I’ve been a tourist there and marvelled at things most locals probably take for granted on a daily basis. With this perspective, I regularly like to look at my own locale with fresh eyes from time to time. Thanks for the response.

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