The Throwing of the Seed

The new garden is bolting. Seeds are ripening and reaching for the sky. It is coming to a close, the initial burst of vigor. Underneath this cloak of leaves and seeding pods are pumpkins and melons. Growing, engorging themselves towards mature fruit. Mrs PP and the Littlest Fella took delight in scattering marigold seed around … Continue reading The Throwing of the Seed

Zones in a Nutshell – Permaculture Zones : Part Two

This post follows from the first one found here. So with my reassessment of the permaculture zones whilst planning our new house and garden, here is an over-view of what you might find in each zone. ZONE 0 — The house structure. Here permaculture principles would be applied in terms of aiming to reduce energy and water needs, … Continue reading Zones in a Nutshell – Permaculture Zones : Part Two

Solutions for a Spinning Planet

Some small and slow solutions proudly brought to you from the Realms of Necessity... Friday Night is Dessert Night! I'm wary of traditions. Especially just for the point of having them. But we may have birthed one. Our boys were getting into the habit of demanding dessert before, during and after our meals. It was … Continue reading Solutions for a Spinning Planet