Solutions for a Spinning Planet

Some small and slow solutions proudly brought to you from the Realms of Necessity…

Friday Night is Dessert Night!

I’m wary of traditions. Especially just for the point of having them. But we may have birthed one.

Our boys were getting into the habit of demanding dessert before, during and after our meals. It was relentless, stressful and totally not necessary (in my view!). Looking for a solution I decided we should make a change. The initial idea was to have a designated night each week that would be “dessert night” and one other night during the week that would be spontaneous, to accommodate for gifts or random produce we might have.

Thus far, Friday night is the designated dessert night (picture this in big neon lights) and it has been working a ‘treat’ for the past fortnight and instantly (to my utter amazement) put a stop to any requests for dessert aside from the occasional inquiry which usually results in a reply of “No. It’s not Friday.” End of story. Happy Daddy!

The up-shot is also that we  now put aside the time to actually make something a little bit special. So far we have had Strawberries and Sherbet and Frozen Banana & Chocolate Ice-Cream. It’s home-made, we know what we are getting ourselves into and it’s manageable. Did I mention less stressful too? Less weekly dishes, less time cooking… 🙂

I will also mention that it slightly curbs Grans sugar intake for the week as well, not to mention ours. And the other spontaneous night? The wild card for dessert satisfaction each week? So far it hasn’t even happened. Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Be very quiet.


SOS – Save Our Seedlings

Diatomaceous earth (DE) has been used with great success in our garden and house. For more specific information this site has a great post. My recent success came as a result of necessity once again. I was wishing to safe-guard some seedlings from the creatures of the night that were coming and wiping them out, or leaving them maimed.

I normally use snail and slug pellets for this kind of situation – especially when growing heirloom seedlings but I couldn’t find the brand I wanted and didn’t want to revert to trying anything else. I’m not happy buying stuff like this at the best of times. We did however have a bag of diatomaceous earth that we were using to scatter in our chook pen to reduce mites and such things. So I have been using this on my seedlings and they have been growing unhindered by any further events with the ravaging, small, creatures of the night.

DE is still an input from the shop, but its uses are multiple (garden, home and inner body if using food grade DE) and it is available in bulk. Compared to a packet or bag of Snail & Slug pellets which come in printed packages and really only have one application – they can only be used for their intended purpose ie – you wouldn’t add them to your morning bowl of cereal. Plus, they are not as effective as DE in deterring pests and they are still a manufactured product so there is no guarantee of the safety and ingredients or the impact of prolonged use in a given area.


Be delighted. Be damn delighted by the serendipitous stuff that can come to you when you barter. The best ones are when I’m just happy to get rid of stuff – and others want to give you stuff in return. When this turns out to be useful stuff, well, what a bonus!

p.s. more solutions coming, but go about your business and come back later. In this part of the world there are still 24 hours.

Lessening the Load

Over the past 10 years we have gradually reduced the possessions surrounding us. I know that sounds like a long time. It is.

We have however been dealing with about 4 houses worth of STUFF as we have dealt with my in-laws items and ours amongst it.

There is a long way to go. But the process itself is speeding up – particularly as we near the end of our renovation and are starting to discern which pieces of furniture we will be keeping. The process itself has worn me down. But there is a vitality returning as we pass stuff on.



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