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Our New Guinea Pigs Arrive

Our new guinea pigs arrived today. I’ve steadily been patching up some old hutches and we were ready to start bringing in the animals as part of our garden set-up. This is exciting to me because as far as kitchen … Continue reading

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A Matter of Distance & Why it Matters

As told in a previous post, we are now home schooling our boys. So when I’m tasked to teach about distance and measurement I take the opportunity to make it real. I have been designing and building our chicken yard … Continue reading

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Initial Garden Design for Tillellan

  This was a rough design I made for the back garden some time ago. It has morphed a little as I have had to add other considerations to the design, but its not altered much in relation to the … Continue reading

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Reclaimed Timber, Bananas & Cubbies

Today I began the task of sorting through the stored wood from the renovation. I had kind of started some weeks back, putting aside certain lengths of structural timber of certain dimensions for the trellis along the retaining wall. The … Continue reading

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The tadpoles are emerging from the water. Though still froglets with diminishing tales they are climbing onto the newly added sticks in their little, table-top aquarium. I was surprised by two things that I had quite forgotten about since my … Continue reading

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