Our New Guinea Pigs Arrive

Our new guinea pigs arrived today.

I’ve steadily been patching up some old hutches and we were ready to start bringing in the animals as part of our garden set-up.

This is exciting to me because as far as kitchen scraps go, we have some pretty decent ones in my opinion. Given that we eat a lot of vegetables and they come to us either home grown, from the farmers market or locally grown. I know they are just scraps, but it was hard to hand them over to the compost bin and worm farms without being able to stretch out that inherent usefulness that is intrinsic in fresh produce.

So here are the boys, newly arrived from 100 k’s out of town. After having several guinea pig varieties over the years I have really leaned towards shorter haired breeds (to match our climate and practicality), dark eyes (not red/pink eyes, again for matching our climate and also appearance), and enough whorls or rosettes to give some character to the g-pig. These are Abyssinian types and they are from a working family who live in an orchard and keep the grass down. Fantastic!

These will take up residence in our Zone1 that is close to the back door where we can access them easily to feed and check them. Or more specifically, where the Little Fellas can get access to them to care for them! Over time we will add to our numbers with some girls, but this will get us started with the alchemy of turning our kitchen scraps into many of the wonderful sources of nutrition we can feed our garden soil.

Any ideas for names?

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