The Park Life

park three pp

I sat in the park today and tried to be a little more ‘present’ than I have been capable of at home. Though the Little Fellas did not ease up on the distractions, it was pleasant to see the park with ‘new eyes’, much like being a tourist. I even walked back to the house to get the camera to capture the scenes.

park one pp

This is a favourite scene. Slightly reminiscent of a woodland with the Bowls Club masked by the trees in the peak of their leaf cover.

park two pp

And with much of the action occurring closer to the playground today, the Wood Ducks took to the shade of the trees down by the Bowls Club. Unhindered by dogs, kids or bikes.

Despite a main road in the background, it looked very much like a rural parkland with the swamp just across the ride making for a green backdrop. For the first time today I noticed a Black Duck with ducklings. I’m guessing they had wandered over from the other side of the road as the ducklings were a couple of weeks old and moving quickly.

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