November Observations – Petit Paradis


With the very, very mild winter we had this year I had a feeling that November would bring rain – and it did. By late October we were filling the water tanks again and November has proven to be a wetter month. This is a welcome thing as with the extra sun and bursts of rain the garden just takes off.

The grapes are in full leaf now. No signs of flowers, which I was not expecting in their first year anyway, but all cuttings has taken and are producing good leaves and tendrils so there will be some good wood to deal with come pruning time and we can begin to train them along the trellis.

Swallowtail butterflies are a little more prolific. Not as many numbers as I recall from last year.

The Magpies, now with near fully grown young, are starting to call around 4am with the early coming of daylight.

m ontage pp


Frogs calling  throughout the night again after a few weeks break. Most of them are concentrated in and around the greywater filter pond.

First Citrus Swallowtail sighted for the year in the garden.

Tomato bush rampant with growth and flowers and fruit nearly starting to mature closer to December.

Black Ducks were emerging with their ducklings. About a month or so behind the Wood Ducks.

Weather has been generally overcast but with a strong sun at various times. Light showers with at least one decent rain shower through the month.

Vine Moth caterpillars in full force on the grape vines at the other house.

Arrowroot, Canna Lilies and Galangal doing well in the garden and increasing in size after utilising greywater more effectively.


1 Nov – grape vine is starting to get nibbled at by tiny Vine Moth caterpillars.

4 Nov – Watercress around town in the streams continues to flower. By the end of the month the council had also slashed or mowed some of it down.

6th Nov – Native Christmas Trees begin to flower (pic above) and Albany Blue Bush is flowering.

14th – Citrus Swallowtail Butterflies are sighted more frequently.

17th Nov – further Sacred Kingfisher calls heard in various location around the town. This is not something I have noticed much in previous years.

23rd Nov – Male Musk Duck in courting/display on Lake Seppings.

27th Nov – Vine Moth caterpillars are large and conspicuous on the vines.

28th Nov – Warm breezes with scattered showers. Overcast days. Light by 4am.

30th Nov – about 40 adolescent Ravens were congregated at sundown near the mown down patch of watercress this evening. I am taking this to mean they are grouping together before moving out and finding their own territories. It is not the first time I have noticed this. Very close to the local tip where ‘food’ is plentiful and competition is less.

And so now, with the end of November we move from the Nyoongar season of Kamabarang into the hot, dry season of Birak. The Season of The Young or The First Summer.


Tamarillo starts to flower.

Reasonable rain showers dotted amongst sunny days and very beneficial to plants, pests and predators!

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