Nyoongar Seasons – Local Knowledge

noongar seasons petitparadisI have posted the last couple of years about hearing the first cicada for the season. The longer I observe the local birdlife and what the seasons are doing, when I hear the first cicada or what the fruit trees are doing and when, the more the local seasonal patterns make sense to me.

The European Seasons are separated into four distinct seasons – Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter and Spring. You will be familiar with these!

Here on the south coast of Western Australia, the indigenous Nyoongar people have six seasons in their calendar. For a more detailed breakdown of the six seasons this site is excellent.

Currently we are making our way into Kambarang or The Second Spring. Though the cooler weather is still with us the finer days that we’ve had, have been quite warm. I have heard and seen Sacred Kingfishers in several areas around town and have heard reports that the Tiger Snakes are coming out of hibernation.

I would encourage you, wherever you are, to look into what seasons the local indigenous people in your area observed. Most range between 4-6 distinct seasons. For gardeners these seasons assist in giving a little more insight into what might possibly be able to be planted ‘out of season’ and still give good results.


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