Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

trio petitparadis

October 2017 – Nyoongar season of Kambarang

22nd – Watercress in the waterways is flowering abundantly. Vine Moth are active around the grape vines.

24th – Tiny, tiny parasitic wasps observed on the Walking Stick Cabbage that is in flower. I didn’t check it for caterpillars, but this is usually a sign that they are about. A separate post on this is here.

25th – The Bottlebrush are flowering and White-tailed Black Cockatoos are making random raids on small trees in and around backyards.

28th – Wild, wild winds. Scattered but light showers. Enough to make rainbows!

Some Controlled burning-off occurring around the place this month in preparation for summer.

I’m looking at putting my seasonal observations into more of a diary format for each month so I can look back at the records a little easier.

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