The Salvation of Less

In life there are objects. And there is space. I am currently rediscovering a fascination and attraction to the space between objects. Periodically, as time permits, we return to a space of creating space. The selling continues as we reduce the items surrounding us. Gradually we whittle down the list of possessions and still there … Continue reading The Salvation of Less

Letting Go

I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go. — Jeffrey McDaniel I found it quite liberating traveling around the world with just a back pack. But there were many times when even that was pushed to the limit and my pack was heavy enough to become a … Continue reading Letting Go

Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

October 2017 - Nyoongar season of Kambarang 22nd - Watercress in the waterways is flowering abundantly. Vine Moth are active around the grape vines. 24th - Tiny, tiny parasitic wasps observed on the Walking Stick Cabbage that is in flower. I didn't check it for caterpillars, but this is usually a sign that they are … Continue reading Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One

Part One - Zero to Abundance I find it pays to refresh the mind of concepts from time to time. Each time I take a look at zones there is a different mind-set of learning and experience that views the zones and my approach to them differently. Mostly due to a different piece of land … Continue reading Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One