The Salvation of Less

In life there are objects. And there is space. I am currently rediscovering a fascination and attraction to the space between objects. Periodically, as time permits, we return to a space of creating space. The selling continues as we reduce the items surrounding us. Gradually we whittle down the list of possessions and still there … Continue reading The Salvation of Less

Letting Go

I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go. — Jeffrey McDaniel I found it quite liberating traveling around the world with just a back pack. But there were many times when even that was pushed to the limit and my pack was heavy enough to become a … Continue reading Letting Go

Generation Waste

  We are not our stuff. We are more than our possessions. Our memories are within us, not our things. Our stuff weighs on us emotionally and mentally. Old photographs can be scanned. You can take pictures of items you want to remember. Items sentimental to us can be useful to others. Letting go is … Continue reading Generation Waste

Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

October 2017 - Nyoongar season of Kambarang 22nd - Watercress in the waterways is flowering abundantly. Vine Moth are active around the grape vines. 24th - Tiny, tiny parasitic wasps observed on the Walking Stick Cabbage that is in flower. I didn't check it for caterpillars, but this is usually a sign that they are … Continue reading Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One

Part One - Zero to Abundance I find it pays to refresh the mind of concepts from time to time. Each time I take a look at zones there is a different mind-set of learning and experience that views the zones and my approach to them differently. Mostly due to a different piece of land … Continue reading Zoning Out from The House – Permaculture Zones : Part One