Letting Go

I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.
— Jeffrey McDaniel

I found it quite liberating traveling around the world with just a back pack.

But there were many times when even that was pushed to the limit and my pack was heavy enough to become a nuisance. Charity stores, second hand shops and lost property boxes assisted with the natural cycling of items. As some things were moved on, others would replace them. Or as more cherished items came along, others were passed on to make room. I found an acoustic guitar in a fishing tackle shop in the old town in Edinburgh and it was a travel companion for a while through the UK and France. At times it was troublesome to carry around. Spending time between traveling, working and being semi-sedentary however, it was a great companion. I still regard it as a favourite item. As an instrument it is a delight. It is also a bit unique in that the bridge can be removed easily. And it also has some great stories to share that I cherish.

petitparadis guitar

Let go, or be dragged.

—  Unknown

Returning home was also an event of reuniting with all my Other Stuff that had been stored for a couple of years. This has since been whittled down significantly and I have found that even my favourite hobbies have stood the test of time because they take up little room. Especially nowadays with digital storage. The once exception being my artwork, though I have come to favour more and more, doing work on watercolour paper rather than ‘bulky’ canvases.

Our seed collection is the only other collection we really have and that will take up just a small portion of our house once we have our utility room set up. Our collection of plants and trees will be planted in the garden.

The current irony is that for the first time we are actually moving into a larger house and shedding more of our collective stuff. Clothes are not an issue for me as I have reduced them significantly over the last few years – and then more again in the last 12 months. More clothes keep coming from the Universe, but I am usually quick to pass them on if they are not suitable. Or keep them for  a while and discard others by various means.

Items of Stuff that might not be complete or are of no immediate use have found themselves allocated to various boxes and taken to either a second hand store or the Tip Shop where they will more than likely be discovered for their Inherent & Intrinsic Usefulness.

Letting go is not getting rid of memories. Memories will stay, they always do. Letting go is making sure that the pain associated with the memories goes away.
— Arti Honrao

We have been inundated with kids artwork. It is amazing and delightful and is incredible to watch the changes in perception and ability over even a short space of time. My wife will, from time to time, point out a deeper and more cognitive explanation as to what is going on behind the artwork as our boys develop. The writing is on the wall though. Potentially boxes and boxes of artwork lie ahead of us in the future, so I photograph them and the very finest of the bunch get preserved for Periodic Moments of Appreciation. Or, for framing so that we can enjoy them in our living space. This all occurs of course once they have been removed from their Prestigious And Rightful Place Of First Accolades – the kitchen fridge.

Or cupboard.

Or wall.

Or pantry.

Digitise. . . . Wonderful.

There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go.
–Jessica Hatchigan

The cycling continues as we clear stuff out, but there is a ratio to it at the moment. Lots of Stuff Out – A Little Back. We visited a Tip Shop with the Little Fellas. They wanted a handful of toys, but with some explaining we managed to leave the toys there and bring only two pieces of clothing which had gradually risen to new heights on the priority purchases list over the past few weeks as summer approaches. Shorts and jeans.

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